Kevin Beckmann Inducted 2023

Sponsor Softball

Kevin Beckmann


Kevin, Trident Steel owner, is the primary sponsor of the St Louis Illusions fast pitch softball club and it’s been said that the only thing that overshadows his success in industry is consistent generosity to the St Louis Community. Inducted into the St Louis Softball Hall of Fame in 2016, the St Louis Illusions have prepared local teenage girls for the demands of college softball physically, emotionally, and academically for over 25 years and Mr. Beckmann has stood behind the scenes supporting them since their inception. A quick story about Kevin that he’s probably too humble to mention on his own, is a gesture he made a couple years ago at the annual St Louis Illusions Graduate Senior Party. As he was making the rounds talking to some of the players, he encountered a girl with a raspy voice. After speaking with her for a period of time, he was so touched by her attitude he inquired about her education and learned the difference between her actual tuition and her scholarship monies, created a $22,000 shortfall over 4 years. Mr. Beckmann offered to pay the shortfall with certain conditions, which included maintaining a solid grade point average academically and hard work on the softball field. That’s QUITE a sponsor. Illusions Corporate Treasurer, 18-U Manager and St Louis Softball Hall of Fame Board Member, Mr. Ira Bergman, is accepting the award on his behalf.