Darryl Dixon Inducted 2023

Mens Slowpitch Softball

Darryl Dixon


Darryl Dixon is simply one of the greatest all-around athletes to ever play softball in St Louis. After returning home from Michigan State as a football and baseball star, Darryl Dixon played on three of the greatest softball teams in St Louis slow pitch history: Century Concrete, Supreme/Worth & the St Louis Merchants. Like many of his teammates, Darryl had an iconic nickname – “Killer” Which was a clearly term of respect for how he hit the ball because Darryl was one of the most friendly, soft spoken gentlemen to ever play the game. Among his dozens of all-tournament, state champion and world champion awards, Darryl has the distinction of being the named the Most Valuable Player of the first ever Black World Tournament. During his playing days with Supreme/Worth Darryl was known for his iconic saying, “If ya’ll carry me on Saturday, I’ll win the tournament for you on Sunday – and he usually DID!