Dan Mitchler Inducted 2023

Umpire Softball

Dan Mitchler


Mr. Dan Mitchler started his softball career as a fast-pitch pitcher in Wisconsin. Then moved to St Louis and continued his career with such memorable teams as Kutis, Mattingly’s and KPLR Channel 11. He then switched to playing slow pitch for the next eight years. Although his playing career is substantial and memorable, Dan Mitchler left his “real” mark on the softball world as one of the most decorated softball umpires in St Louis history. He umpired 30 NSA Youth finals. Including 17 as U.I.C. He umpired for the US Olympic Team He umpired 18 ASA Gold Championships He umpired men’s fast pitch in Rockford, Illinois He umpired over 300 collegiate games [Division 1, 2, 3 & JUCO] He served as umpire and U.I.C. for the St Louis Showcase for 21 years And, to top it off, is a member of the NSA National Hall of Fame.