Randle Oldham Inducted 2023

Mens Slowpitch Softball

Randle Oldham


Mr. Randle “Doug” Oldham is a multi-sport athlete from St Louis, Missouri whose athletic career actually started out on the gridiron. Sweet swinging Randle Oldham turned to softball after his collegiate football career was over and what a career, he has put together over the past 30 years. Primarily a second baseman in his younger days, Randle played every infield position at the highest level for nearly two decades. His 15-year career with Supreme/Worth included several State and Regional Championships as well as Three World Championships. Like most of the members on the Supreme squad, Randle was identified by merely his nickname – Doug. One night, while playing in a game at Fairgrounds Park, Randle made an incredible diving catch at the “hot corner.” His nephew, sitting in the bleachers shouted, “That’s my Uncle Doug.” That isn’t his name, but somehow that moniker stuck with him to this day. Doug is still involved in the game as his career has continued in Senior Softball with: The Senior Dogs, Old Skool and currently the Shockers.