Jerry Suelmann Inducted 2023

Mens Slowpitch Softball

Jerry Suelmann


Jerry Suelmann is the “sweet swinging” southpaw from south St Louis, known best for his nickname, “Doc.” For years, many have wondered how he earned that moniker, because he’s not really a Doctor. He recently admitted acquiring the nickname during his high school days for imitating and mocking his professors (behind their backs). Obviously, he was grooming his wit “early” for the ballfields he dominated for 30 seasons. The perfect #3 hitter in the lineup, Jerry was a standout player for Dee Gee’s, Carsons & Sybergs from 1978-2008. Among the highlights of his illustrious career are his 3 ASA City Championships during the 1980s & 1990s, and his leading role with the St Louis Muny Champion, Dee Gee’s squad in 1986, winning the year-end tournament which included over 100 teams.